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What We Do

We are a community of designers, developers, hackers, and makers.


We attend tons of hackathons throughout the year. We were ranked by Major League Hacking as the 14th most active hacking community in North America for the Spring 2016 season.

Code Demos

We host several hands-on programming demos throughout the semester on topics like Python, Twitter Scraping, or Chrome Extensions. No coding experience required!


We work with other student orgs and the CIS dept to get more students interested in coding and technology. We also host other events such as Local Hack Day to benefit others throughout Philly.


Getting involved with TUDev means surrounding yourself with other smart, motivated hackers and a talented and growing alumni network, leading to more opportunities down the road.

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Executive Board

Aliasger Ghotawala

Vice President

Anya Tewari

STARS Coordinator

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